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Jean has grounded Klee for the last time! Join our protagonist in Mondstadt as she pranks Jean and the other Genshin girls - with a variety of lewd outcomes!

  • Public Version: v1.15 Changelog  HERE


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Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(357 total ratings)
TagsAdult, blackmail, corruption, Erotic, Fangame, genshin, Hentai, klee-prank-adventure, Parody, Ren'Py


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Klee Prank Adventure v1.15 ANDROID 245 MB
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KleePrankAdventure-1.15 MAC 2 GB

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Has the 1.15 Chinese version been completed?I saw the Chinese version elsewhere,but only pc.

How can I ger hertaha's photo? I nerd to Solve her problem but, how? & find ger after the commision

Why on android it's asking permissions to files? to be able save and load?

I’m gonna get a computer soon and want to play this game and I’m wondering if I need to have a MacBook or something else would be fine 

PC, MAC and Android should all be fine :)

I meant like does it work with dell or windows or is that the same as pc 

If you're underage please don't play this game.

what 😭 I’m just trying to figure out if you can play on dell or windows or something that isn’t a MacBook 

So the Last Scene i have is for Mona and i need her Kimono Outfit but i dont find or have it even so i have every other Scene unlocked in the game and completed the Game for Now. Does Somebody know how i get her Kimono Outfit ?

Finish her quest in the festival commission.

How do i get TTG 12? 

Get everything else from the man.

will there be more updates after the last prank on Jean?


The next update will probably be the last one, until I release DLC at a much later time. 

Can you add more interactive characters in version 1.16? For example, Yura, the Eight Heavenly Gods, or adding more clothes. Of course, this is just a suggestion, but it doesn't prevent it from being a good game


By the way, if Kerry's prank is over, would you do something similar to Kerry's prank to ruin the Star Dome Railway

How to undress a jean to use a slime potion?

How does one get TIG 3? I got Amber the outfit

It appears in the tree next to her next time you see her. :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Please add kujou sara and Ei scenes


Godly game.
Personally would have liked smoother "animations" for a lot of the motion scenes but I guess that's how you manage to package the game into just 2 gigs despite all the content. 

(1 edit)

Does this game has 60fps scenes or animations?

how to make turn jean into a slime potion?

excuse me, can we have 1.15 cn ver

The translators are working on it I believe!

May I ask what the pump room for the game is for


It sets things up for the game's finale.


Ok. I know this is a Genshin Hentai game and is not meant to be taken seriously but for real tho can we talk about the chat in Barbara's first stream? They're all fucking Idiots. You can clearly see her panties thru her tights. It counted the first time! but I guess people are just fucking BLIND! Jesus fucking christ. *sighs* but anyways, Thx for your time.

klee <3


please add male characters 🥺

There are male characters in the Kat Co Op prank. 


i cant find it


if you are into that stuff play gay games, dont push this onto straight games.


find it in another place


I wish if we had some Yoimiya events

(1 edit) (+1)(-5)

My biggest hope for 1.16 is that the Breeding Edition becomes a reality and all the characters end up pregnant, but even if it doesn't. Easily the best Genshin game out there HANDS DOWN

when i download it on Android why does it say that "There's a risk found in this app"?

It's a false positive. Read other comments. 

alright thx.


Never thought I'd be invested in a hentai game, but damn this is so good! I've spent hours into this game and 99% completed the game, have to wait until the next update.


Klee may be a prankster, but you sir, are a far greater one. A big old "WARNING, THIS ENDS THE GAME", so I make sure everything is finished, I save the game, go to press it, and, well, you know the rest. 

Anyway, hope you doing well and can't wait for 1.16!

Hahah sorry man! Glad you enjoyed.

hello, can someone give me save file please, i just lost all my 100% from 1;14


May I ask when the public version will be released, plus Chines


Will there be updates after 1.15? for example with the characters of Fontaine and other regions?


v1.16 will be the final update and the game will be complete, with potential for some DLC later on.

I want to work on some other games on the meantime :)

OK, thanks for answer

One question, why does it weigh so little on Android? Is there less content than on PC?😔

Nope, just the magic of compression.




Excuse me, can we still see the release of 1.15 towards the end of the month

Yes. Please be patient, and don't spam the same comment.

Lenguage spanish??

There's some unofficial translations around somewhere :)

will you make a second game if you finish this one.




I love your game but when will the next update come out and will it be the last?


V1.15 this month, v1.16 final update. Potential for some DLC later on.

(1 edit)

Where can I get Jin's lingeri?

Give Lisa her Babydoll Outfit, then return to the library to see an event.

Then you can buy Jean and monas lingerie from Hooty shop.


Why you don't add lolis?


Don't worry, maybe someone will make a mod for this.


Would you add dehya?

May add her to the hot springs in future DLC.

heya I can't run the game. I can't give info on it cause I just can't run it LOL. I tried to run as admininstrator and it does nothing. Any help? Windows btw.

Thats a problem on your end i'm afraid! Try redownloading, make sure you're downloading the pc version. 






v1.16 可能是最终版本。 v1.15 将于本月发布。我会制作更多游戏,稍后我可能会带着额外的内容回到这个游戏。

is the final prank in the game

Not yet!

When I download the game for android at the end of the download, the site says that the file is prohibited

My devices antivirus system says that the android file is corrupted and should be deleted, why? 

Read other comments.

Is the final prank for Jean in the game or is it still not available yet?


Not yet available!

Что за faccccccc

Android can't play

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