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Jean has grounded Klee for the last time! Join our protagonist in Mondstadt as she pranks Jean and the other Genshin girls - with a variety of lewd outcomes!

  • Public Version: v1.16 Changelog  HERE


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are there scenes in this or just images?

There are animated scenes.


Why I can't find chinese

Where do I meet Eula in the Festival?

How do I write a message from Jeans phone. Already gave her all the outfits

When i access it on my phone, its a lewd image that says da port. How do i play the game?!?

Will there be a possibility of adding the Spanish language?

How can I unlock Mona's kimono outfit?

I'm always got forbiden error donwload, i can't donwload the game. "This error means you don't have permission to download the file. To fix the error, contact the website or server owner, or try to find the file on a different site" This goole say to me after i search what is forbiden error.




Can someone give me a safe file with 1.15 version? My phone broke and i lost the safe file!


Is the game complete?


How many ttg and tig are there in the game... I'm lost in which one I need. And also is there a way to check what ttg or tig I'm missing?


I got 1-12 on ttg and 1,2 on tig but I don't know which one has more

Can you send me your save? I only got like 10 ttgs and i didnt knew there were way more

All I'm missing is Raiden,Yae Sara poster. Does someone know where it is?

Cómo conseguir la cooperación de mona ?? Para la broma cooperativa


This is one of the best games, the concept is so orignal, to levels are fun, challenging enough puzzles for good rewards. If I knew more about the story that was being parodied I would've enjoyed it more.


how do i kill slimes in pump room? hit bar is moving too fast!

My download is saying it's a forbidden file around 2gb in, always. Got a alternative link?


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Thanks! Love your game, can't wait to try the new update.

just tell me how to get that last poster!!!!

Take polaroids in 1st area.






I have a question: I cant download/update to 1.16,  i play MacOs but it says that he cant read it. Is it a bug or is my Itch broken?
Love the game BTW keep up the good work!

May I ask if a Chinese version has been made



Thanks for this amazing game. Loved it. Waiting for your next game if you plan to make one that is. Still great game


Cleared the border! Looking forward to Part 2!

where can i find the credit? I've reached the hot spring aphrodisiac scene but I can't find any ways to end the game

Thank you for the game, it's addictive


After you've seen all the scenes there, and ending button will appear.


i can't see ending button 

Then you haven't seen all the scenes there, click on every scene.

Nice 👍 👍

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where is TiG 3?

Give Amber the slave outfit, and it's in the tree in upper left of her screen.

Got it, thanks.

will the game still be updated and/or improved?

Perhaps some DLC in a year's time!

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I have squares in the main menu instead of letters. I thought it was because I installed the update on top of the localized version, so I deleted the game and reinstalled it. but nothing has changed, the squares have not turned into words. and also, when talking with Katerina, an error appears because of which I can't even look at the list of tasks. I need primogems to buy the remaining suits, I have 40 of them. but because of this mistake, I can't earn anything.

You need to change the language back to english, which you can only do on the Russian version right now. Or delete your persistent data.

and what about the Russian version, there are no other localizations? I'm surprised.

There are plenty of unofficial translations, but I work directly with the Russian and Chinese translators. 


Cool, I'm pleasantly surprised. thanks

I need help, how can I use the slime potion on jean? Also, it won't let me use any of the options in the hot springs room, I have everything above unlocked, except the slime potion in jean, please help!!!

First you need to go to Sucrose and talk to her about potions

I already did it, I already used the slime potion on several characters but it won't let me in jeans because "she has to be completely naked", the problem is that that suit doesn't appear

After you do all 14 pranks, you'll get the option for Jean to undress. Click the prank-o-meter to check which ones you've done.

Whenever I try to download the game it comes up with “File isn’t available on site”, what should I do?

try to download by software instead of website. i met the same problem as you did.

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How can i get kuki and yanfei ending? It says i miss 2 girls in the hot spring but I have all pictures and all cauldrun scenes (except those 2). I miss TIG 2, if thats the problem how do I get it?

Buy all TTG's from the man, and make sure you've done the commission with the NPC's, then go to the 

How to change mainscreen?

It's in the main menu, might not work on android rn

I cant wait anymore....... 

You don't have to!

Btw I got a question. When the 1.16 will be available, how am I going to install the update without losing all my progress ( on android btw )?

Available now. Delete old version and install new.

I'm missing a scene from Katherine's cauldron that mentions a memory bank and fuck a girl

Buy memory bank from Hu Tao.

I can't find Mona because i am dumb as a brick

Take photos in shower and private areas.


in the future u can make a game with NIKKE goddess of victory?

how to get kuki and yelan to hotspring?

Stuck in a pickle now.

Ok I already completed Treasure Hoarder commission. Made it through all the way till you gotta throw something into the water pool pump. I haven't made the Aphrodisiac potion yet. Dumb fuck Sucrose saying I need to talk to Amber/Lisa to get the weeds. Got all the way till amber is naked and there isn't a single option to make her get some weeds. Lisa just complains she got company for the time being. I can't continue.

You need to find Amber in Lisa's comfy room after her commission to get the naku weed. 

Ok I found my issue. I didn't find Mona to do her cottage then do the pranks and unlock The Man.






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