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Jean has grounded Klee for the last time! Join our protagonist in Mondstadt as she pranks Jean and the other Genshin girls - with a variety of lewd outcomes!

  • Public Version: v1.15 Changelog  HERE


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Do I need a specific Android version for the next update (my phone is from 2016 and I hope I can still play the game)

Another question: can i change the language to German?


A realy good game, i think the best from genshin impact.

I hope you are do in the next uodate more with keqing and kokomi and i have a question:"when will the next update come"?


Thanks, next update this month for sure!

i can't wait :)


So.... the images are hot but, a lot of the situations are kind of a turn off or just feel wrong. I feel like Klee is a bad choice of MC maybe think about making the MC not feel like an 8 year-old.


in a next update will you add h scenes with klee qiqi nahilda and other loli girls?


Definitely not. Sorry.


I understand many creators don't like to opt for lolis, but your game is still incredible and the dubbing is divine, a great job for you

Note: if one day you decide to opt for lolis, I'll always be here haha lol

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you like it!

How can you get the materials for the slime potion?

Really good but just needs some moaning


This is the best game i ever played in this website,im looking forward to your newest update and i hope u do honkai star rail next :)


I hope it isn’t too late to make a small suggestion regarding the title system: could you add a small message when a characters title updates?

At the moment the titles feel invisible at times and I frequently forgot to check after events if they had changed. A small line of text calling attention to any updates could help.

Something like “The people of Mondstadt now know <Character> as the <Title>“ or “Certain circles in Mondstadt now know <Character> as a <Title>”


What a good idea, I'll see what I can do!

Deleted 31 days ago

No scenes are missable, you can go back and get every scene.

Deleted 31 days ago

You are absolutly right, I am stupid. I just finished everything from the cauldron. I am sorry 11/10 game. (even tho I managed to bug myself having a slash attack from the amber coop game in most screens now.)

When next update approximately coming?


Hopefully this month, maybe next month. Working hard.





Klee and nahida?


are there any cheats?

How to find TIG2 or kuki and yelan?

After I played the game again, I bought all the props before completing the NPC commission, then completed the mission, and then went to The Man to successfully trigger the event. Is this process correct?


i cant wait for next update


I really like the game, I hope that in the next update you can also interact with Klee, Qiqi, Nahida etc., that an option could be activated to have that scene of them and thus have the game more complete




im gonna give the benefit of the doubt and say youd rather play as klee, QiQi, and or nahida. rather then what most others would think

if what you mean is that youd like scenes with QiQi, nahida, or Klee being the person getting screwed. i hope you are never able to fap again and that everyone looks down on you forever


Hot take but the tracks in this game have no reason to go this hard THEY'RE SO GOOD. Listening to one rn :)

Hey, I js wanted to have some orentation -v-; how do I pull the final prank on Jean?

It's not possible yet, next update it will be :)

oh! Ok then, thanks for telling me ^v^

how do i get jean completely naked for the slime prank ?


this is a fun game I come back lots and lots of time for this but I read in the comments they're gonna stop Add  stuff after The next update and the next update be the last Possibly DLC I will be sad to see this go cause there's still more potential or at least adds some more stuff before In the last update but I have a blast I hope they can bring more of the Female characters in this game From the game the new ones but I hope they make more games like this down the line and keep it straightforward like this one what the costumes and undressing and stuff and the Yuri  It be the best

I got this problem when opening the mobile port in my android phone, it keeps crashing everytime I open it. Probably just my hardware issue, but I can run the previous version tho...

Never seen that before, try uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling.


I made an account just to say this. This game is great but I absolutely love the dialogue between "The Man" and Klee, always brings a smile to my face, their interactions are hilarious

Yooooo, I'm really glad you like it! The Man is really fun to write, I had fun making him use just the fire cards in the festival XD.

Have a good day.


Android version crush a lot,any fixes?


It's a problem on your end I'm afraid, try clearing some space on your phone.


my phone has a lot of free space wtf,when the app crush it says is because of a bug bruh


The app isnt bugged, please screenshot what it says and i'll see if i can help you.


i uninstalled,when it crushed it said "app crushed because of a bug in the game"i dubt i'll install it again 




Has the 1.15 Chinese version been completed?I saw the Chinese version elsewhere,but only pc.

My translator will translate in the winter, I don't know about other versions.

How can I ger hertaha's photo? I nerd to Solve her problem but, how? & find ger after the commision

Why on android it's asking permissions to files? to be able save and load?

Your saves are kept separately to the game in your phone, so it needs access.

I’m gonna get a computer soon and want to play this game and I’m wondering if I need to have a MacBook or something else would be fine 

PC, MAC and Android should all be fine :)

I meant like does it work with dell or windows or is that the same as pc 


If you're underage please don't play this game.


what 😭 I’m just trying to figure out if you can play on dell or windows or something that isn’t a MacBook 

So the Last Scene i have is for Mona and i need her Kimono Outfit but i dont find or have it even so i have every other Scene unlocked in the game and completed the Game for Now. Does Somebody know how i get her Kimono Outfit ?

Finish her quest in the festival commission.


How do i get TTG 12? 

Get everything else from the man.

will there be more updates after the last prank on Jean?


The next update will probably be the last one, until I release DLC at a much later time. 

Can you add more interactive characters in version 1.16? For example, Yura, the Eight Heavenly Gods, or adding more clothes. Of course, this is just a suggestion, but it doesn't prevent it from being a good game


By the way, if Kerry's prank is over, would you do something similar to Kerry's prank to ruin the Star Dome Railway

How to undress a jean to use a slime potion?

How does one get TIG 3? I got Amber the outfit

It appears in the tree next to her next time you see her. :)

(1 edit) (+2)

Please add kujou sara and Ei scenes


Godly game.
Personally would have liked smoother "animations" for a lot of the motion scenes but I guess that's how you manage to package the game into just 2 gigs despite all the content. 

how to make turn jean into a slime potion?

excuse me, can we have 1.15 cn ver

The translators are working on it I believe!

May I ask what the pump room for the game is for


It sets things up for the game's finale.


Ok. I know this is a Genshin Hentai game and is not meant to be taken seriously but for real tho can we talk about the chat in Barbara's first stream? They're all fucking Idiots. You can clearly see her panties thru her tights. It counted the first time! but I guess people are just fucking BLIND! Jesus fucking christ. *sighs* but anyways, Thx for your time.


klee <3


please add male characters 🥺

There are male characters in the Kat Co Op prank. 


i cant find it


if you are into that stuff play gay games, dont push this onto straight games.


find it in another place

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