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Knights of Favonius HQ:

  • Watch Barbara's Stream (5 Animations + Faruzan Teaches Anatomy) added

Outrider Camp:

  • Ask for Amber's Co operation added
  • Amber Co-op Prank w/minigame (Once and For All) added
  • Slime Loss Scene (Slime Time!) added
  • Eremite Loss (Through the Bars ANIMATED) added
  • Cicin Loss (Il Dottore's Machine ANIMATED) added
  • Treasure Hoarder Loss (Not Again) added
  • Mirror Maiden Loss (Bring me Sushi) added
  • All Enemies Clear Ending Scene (Expectations... Met) added


  • Barbara Commission (Choir Group) added
  • Barbara E-girl Outfit + Alt Outfit added
  • Give Barbara E-girl Outfit added
  • Unlock Barbara Alt E-girl outfit added
  • Talk to Barbara E-girl/Alt E-girl outfit added


  • Lisa Sumeru Scholar Outfit added DONE
  • Give Lisa Sumeru Scholar Outfit added
  • Talk to Lisa Sumeru Scholar Outfit (Jiggle Physics) added
  • Lisa Caught 2 (Sumeru Squat) added
  • Lisa's Bookmark + Polaroid Random Event added


  • Kokomi Hotel event (Divine Princess Coconut) added

Hot Springs:

  • Kokomi added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Kokomi added
  • Attack Kokomi (Enemy Spy + 3 Polaroids) added


  • 9 new Polaroids + 1 Premium Polaroid (2 in Area 1, 1 in Area 2, 2 in Area 3, 4 Extra)
  • Added Amber Co-op flashback to Hu Tao Co-op
  • Added a feature that tells you when you have all Polaroids in each area
  • 1 new BGM added
  • Added new Title for Barbara
  • There may be some unusual Outfit changing in the Barb Camgirl quest, this is because it's going to be earlier in the game and before festival outfits are available, It will look normal when played in order.


  • Removed Genshin Logo in Cathedral Background
  • Fixed double Barbara/Sucrose bugs
  • Fixed Ayaka Polaroid hint
  • Reduced requirements for Hu Tao Co-op
  • Fixed Dion random events trigger

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May 16, 2023

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