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Hot Springs:

  • 'THE FINALE!!!' ADDED, WITH 10 AREAS, 22+ ANIMATED SCENES + CUMSHOT CACOPHONY! (Includes every Mondstadt/Liyue/Inazuma girl you've unlocked)
  • Ending Sequence, Credits and Aftermath added
  • Kujou Sara added to Hotsprings
  • Talk to Sara (Tic-Tac-Toe) added
  • Attack Sara (Rude Awakening) added
  • Ei reworked w/ new Model and attack (the ol' one two) added
  • Keqing new Model and attack CG added
  • Fischl new Model and attack CG added


  • Message for the Shogun (Lift up 1) added
  • Message from the Shogun (Lift up 2) + Polaroid added

Mona's Cottage:

  • Mona Bunny Suit Outfit added
  • Talk to Mona Bunny Suit (Dodoco says...) added
  • Mona Bunny Suit ANIMATED Random Event (It's in my hair) added

Adventurer's Guild:

  • Add Ei to Hotsprings (See-Thru-Shard) reworked

Comfy Room:

  • Lumine static image replaced w/animation


  • 3 new Finale voice lines added
  • Dion's Bonus (13 unused images) added to Cauldron (after completion)
  • Prank List + Co-Op prank list GUI added, click on the Prank-o-Meter at any time to check your progress!
  • Renamed all Co-Op pranks
  • Added a notification whenever a girl's title changes
  • Selectable Main Screen added (after completion)
  • FAQ added to main menu (after completion)


  • Notifications fixed
  • Ei Footjob added to Man's Bonus
  • Pump Room music bug fixed
  • Hu Tao Outfit bug fixed

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Klee Prank Adventure 1.16 PC 3 GB
Dec 23, 2023
Klee Prank Adventure 1.16 ANDROID 318 MB
Dec 23, 2023
Klee Prank Adventure 1.16 MAC 3 GB
Dec 23, 2023

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