Upcoming Game Teaser: Maya's Mission

Yo it's your boy Mochi, and I've decided it's time to reveal what I've been cooking.

The game I've been working on is called Maya's Mission, and it's an Ace Attorney parody Fangame.

The game will be a mostly linear Visual Novel style H game with point and click elements, featuring Maya as the main character. It will have lots of puzzles to solve, bonus collectables to find, and mechanics based on the Ace Attorney games.

I've put together a proof of concept trailer for you to check out, please let me know what you think.

I understand this is different to KPA that we all know and love, but please please bear with us while we try something new. I've always wanted to play a lewd Ace Attorney game and there's nothing good out there, so I'm making one!

I plan for the game to be a light hearted corruption game that is tense and engaging, but also extremely lewd and funny too. I'm considering adding a second 'love' route to the game (rather than corruption) later on down the line, but I'll see how things go first.

Maya's Mission will be a shorter game than KPA, and I'm hoping it'll take me around a year to complete, after which I'm hoping to be in a position to make some KPA DLC based around Fontaine.

Thank you all for your continued support, I love you all. Please let me know what you think of the concept and trailer!

I'll be posting all future Maya's Mission updates on my Patreon.


TRAILER HERE: https://gofile.io/d/Qyw8NF

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looking forward to this AA game!


Looks fun, looking forward to it!


Omg, looks so great! I hope everything goes smoothly and the game comes out!


Looks cool! Looking foward to another great game!


Yoo! Looking forward to it, Ace Attorney has some of the best female character designs out there and the stories are top tier! Goodluck on your endeavor my good man.


KPA was a 10/10 so I'm absolutely looking forward to Maya's Mission as well. Best of luck with development!


Love the fact that your doing something with the Ace Attorney series, one of my favourite series of Capcom lesser known part of their library. Can't wait to see the trouble Mystic Maya get herself into. The trailer was interesting, and can't wait to see the impact of collecting those cards. I wish you the very best with this, and I'll be excited to play it when it becomes available.


Seems like a nice idea, the "tracker" can lead to really interesting scenes, the art style is good, the only thing that's a little off for me is Lotta(I really dislike her visually), but it's a personal preference and is from ace attorney so there isn't much you can do I suppose, I hope she isn't in too many scenes. Good luck :)