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Adventurer's Guild:

  • Katheryne Co-Op alternate options (Zhongli - Pillar Practice, Kaeya - Naked Duties, Itto - Big Dick Energy) added
  • All Solo Pranks Completed Event (I need help!) added
  • Katheryne + Jean Caught (Shut her up) added
  • 1 Katheryne Outfit (D.Va) added
  • Add Yoimiya to Hot Springs event (Lost Phone) added
  • Add Ayaka to Hot Springs event (Overly Attached Kamisato) added

Dions House:

  • 1 Noelle Outfit (Lewd Maid) added
  • Talk to Noelle Lewd Maid Outfit (Cold Butt) added
  • Give Noelle Lewd Maid Outfit added

Mona's Cottage:

  • Mona Caught 2 (Reverse Cowgirl Kimono) added

Hot Springs:

  • Yoimiya added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Yoimiya (Borrow 'a Fireworks')
  • Attack Yoimiya (Where is it?)
  • Ayaka added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Ayaka (Too much?) added
  • Attack Ayaka (Naked Fan Dance) +3 Polaroids added


  • 2 Greeting voice lines added for: Amber, Barbara, HuTao, Jean, Lisa, Mona, Rosaria, Sucrose (May be muted from Preferences using the Voice Volume slider)
  • 2 'Non Vocal' sounds added throughout the game for: Amber, Barbara, HuTao, Lisa, Mona, Rosaria, Sucrose
  • Improved Dialogue, SFX, BGM, Volumes, Backgrounds, Transitions, Zooms, Pauses and Misc other QOL optimisations for the entire game!
  • Progressively lewder 'Title System' added
  • 1 new TTG (Lewd Maids Edition) added
  • 7 new Polaroids (1 in Area 2, 2 in Area 3, 1 in Festival Area + 3 Extra)
  • Option to continue taking Polaroids in each area added
  • Option to remove Eula's panties from poster added to cheat menu
  • Added Katheryne Co-op Flashback To Hu Tao Co-op Prank


  • Fixed Butt Flash bug in Kat normal clothes
  • Fixed Kat Naked Butt Flash pose
  • Fixed Sucrose' breasts in Breast enlargement scene
  • Fixed backgrounds in all Mona Mora scenes
  • Fixed Sucrose quiz cheat
  • Fixed add mora and primogems cheat
  • Replaced Sneeze Prank background
  • Replaced Funny Pictures background
  • Fixed Audio problems in Barbara's Secrets prank + some other areas

Preview Images:


KleePrankAdventure v1.13 EARLY ACCESS ANDROID 197 MB
Feb 25, 2023
KleePrankAdventure v1.13 EARLY ACCESS PC 2 GB
Feb 25, 2023
KleePrankAdventure v1.13 EARLY ACCESS MAC 2 GB
Feb 25, 2023

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when will the new version come out?  really great

how do i get the clothes for Mona, been trying forever :<

What clothes do you mean? 

the reverse cow girl kimono ones, cant seem to find it :<

It's not clothing, it's an event! Reverse Cowgirl is a sex position. Just keep visiting Mona after the Festival and it will trigger :)


oh thanks so much, no wonder i couldnt found it :P

Wait theres a cheat menu?

Talk to Katheryne three times and pick 'Destroy the world' :)

Thank you!


I love this game / your work very much! can't wait to see what's new : )