Klee Prank Adventure v1.16 Public Release!

Enjoy <3

v1.16 will be the final KPA update with new content, we will release a [FINAL] version in a week or two with any bugfixes/changes and a new title screen.

I just made my Patreon post public HERE, with some final comments on v1.16/future plans etc if anyone is inclined to read.

Thank you all so much, here's to the future!

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i miss 1 poster pleaseee helppp!!!!
(2 edits)

can you tell me what are the posters on the man?

at the end I was only short of 1 poster.

1.jean Barbara swimsuit


3.raiden yae and sara

4.lisa Mona amber Jean lingerine

5.eula with sucrose


7.jean ahegao

8.jean "Jean Will ..... in monstad"

9.ninguang ona hole

10. ???

please help