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Knights Of Favonius HQ:

  • Use 'Turn-Jean-Into-a-Slime-Potion' added
  • Jean Slime 'Outfit' added
  • Talk To Jean Slime Outfit (Clothes First!) added

Adventurer's Guild:

  • Where's Captain Beidou ANIMATED Event (Slut's Alley) added

Alchemy Bench:

  • Sucrose Naked Random ANIMATED Event (Bench Licking) added
  • Ask about/brewing 'Turn-Jean-Into-a-Slime-Potion' added
  • 'Turn-Jean-Into-a-Slime-Potion' added


  • Rosaria Semen Demon Caught ANIMATED Event (...Now Leave) added


  • Hutao Spooky Strings Caught Event (Dick Rating) added

Mona's Cottage:

  • Mona Goth Slut Caught Event (Photoshoot) added
  • 5 New SUPER LEWD Outfits with 3 Alternate Outfit States:
  • Rosaria - Semen Demon Outfit + Ponytail + Alt (No Pasties) + Talk To/Alt + Polaroid Added
  • Mona - Goth Slut Outfit w/Pigtails + Alt (No Crosses) + Talk To/Alt + Polaroid Added
  • Sucrose - Naughty Nurse Outfit + Alt (Bandaids) Added + Talk To/Alt + Polaroid
  • Hu Tao - Spooky Strings Outfit w/Twintails + Talk To + Added
  • Amber - Desert Concubine Outfit w/Bangs + Talk To Added

9 Completely Nude 'Outfits' added for:

  • Mona + Talk To (39 Inches!) added
  • Lisa + Talk To (Two Big Reasons) added
  • Noelle + Talk To (Cake?) added
  • Barbara + Talk To (City of Freedom) added
  • Rosaria + Talk To (Cool Leg Thing) added
  • Sucrose + Talk To (Klee's Experiment) + Polaroid added
  • Jean + Talk To (On the Desk) + Polaroid added
  • Hu Tao + Talk To (Creepy Eyes) added
  • Amber + Talk To (Gift For Eula) + Polaroid added

Hot Springs:

  • Pump Room + Pre Finale Event added
  • Beidou added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Beidou (Playing Pirates) added
  • Attack Beidou (Prank on Ningguang) added


  • 1 New TTG (TTG12 - Phone Exposure + Additional Cauldron Images) added
  • 1 New TIG (TIG3 - Desert Whores + Additional Cauldron Images) added
  • 10 new Polaroids (2 in Dion's Recommendation, 8 Extra)
  • Added 'The Man's Bonus' to Cauldron includes 42 Bonus Renders
  • Remade 'Hole In Wall' Prank now FULLY ANIMATED + new renders/dialogue/animations
  • Remade Jean's Bikini Armor renders + rewrote Give outfit/Talk to scenes
  • 2 New Noelle Greetings + 2 Non verbals added
  • 2 New Jean Greetings + 17 Non verbals added
  • 6 Intro Jean Voice Lines added
  • Intro VOICED, optimised + Klee Polaroid + Updated warning screen added
  • Replaced Mona's Cottage Background
  • Replaced Jean standing portraits in Rosaria Co-Op Prank intro
  • Replaced BG for Lisa x Fischl caught event
  • Improved animations for Rosaria co op
  • Tons of dialogue/sound/render/image/bg/animation optimisations throught the game
  • Added new Notification Box/System
  • Added 'Undress All Girls' to Cheat Menu
  • Changed Potion use color to Mint


  • Fixed Katheryne refusing to co-op/Kat not in Hot Springs bug
  • Added option to give Rosaria Latex Nun Outfit more than once
  • Fixed total amount of Primogems
  • Lots of dialogue, transition, sprite placement optimizations

Preview Images:


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Where can I find TIG3 ?

Hey where do i find TTG12?

Hello, in v1.15 you get it from The Man after buying everything else he has for sale!

I see. well i didnt get it. i did load from version 1.14 maybe a bug? 

Should still work, have you bought all of the super lewd outfits? All the festival loot? Are you playing v1.15?

I did buy all super lewd outfits tho i will look at the festival again when i can maybe i missed some. :D



What do I do after turning Jean into a slime? I'm stuck on that part

What do you mean? That's just an extra outfit/event for Jean. If you leave and return she won't be a slime any more.

Oh, I see. Thanks. In this version It won't be possible to complete 100% of the pranks, right? Or is it possible?


May I ask when the public version will be released, plus Chinese



Thank you very much for your work, you have a very cool game!