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Knights Of Favonius HQ:

  • Use 'Turn-Jean-Into-a-Slime-Potion' added
  • Jean Slime 'Outfit' added
  • Talk To Jean Slime Outfit (Clothes First!) added

Adventurer's Guild:

  • Where's Captain Beidou ANIMATED Event (Slut's Alley) added

Alchemy Bench:

  • Sucrose Naked Random ANIMATED Event (Bench Licking) added
  • Ask about/brewing 'Turn-Jean-Into-a-Slime-Potion' added
  • 'Turn-Jean-Into-a-Slime-Potion' added


  • Rosaria Semen Demon Caught ANIMATED Event (...Now Leave) added


  • Hutao Spooky Strings Caught Event (Dick Rating) added

Mona's Cottage:

  • Mona Goth Slut Caught Event (Photoshoot) added
  • 5 New SUPER LEWD Outfits with 3 Alternate Outfit States:
  • Rosaria - Semen Demon Outfit + Ponytail + Alt (No Pasties) + Talk To/Alt + Polaroid Added
  • Mona - Goth Slut Outfit w/Pigtails + Alt (No Crosses) + Talk To/Alt + Polaroid Added
  • Sucrose - Naughty Nurse Outfit + Alt (Bandaids) Added + Talk To/Alt + Polaroid
  • Hu Tao - Spooky Strings Outfit w/Twintails + Talk To + Added
  • Amber - Desert Concubine Outfit w/Bangs + Talk To Added

9 Completely Nude 'Outfits' added for:

  • Mona + Talk To (39 Inches!) added
  • Lisa + Talk To (Two Big Reasons) added
  • Noelle + Talk To (Cake?) added
  • Barbara + Talk To (City of Freedom) added
  • Rosaria + Talk To (Cool Leg Thing) added
  • Sucrose + Talk To (Klee's Experiment) + Polaroid added
  • Jean + Talk To (On the Desk) + Polaroid added
  • Hu Tao + Talk To (Creepy Eyes) added
  • Amber + Talk To (Gift For Eula) + Polaroid added

Hot Springs:

  • Pump Room + Pre Finale Event added
  • Beidou added to Hot Springs
  • Talk to Beidou (Playing Pirates) added
  • Attack Beidou (Prank on Ningguang) added


  • 1 New TTG (TTG12 - Phone Exposure + Additional Cauldron Images) added
  • 1 New TIG (TIG3 - Desert Whores + Additional Cauldron Images) added
  • 10 new Polaroids (2 in Dion's Recommendation, 8 Extra)
  • Added 'The Man's Bonus' to Cauldron includes 42 Bonus Renders
  • Remade 'Hole In Wall' Prank now FULLY ANIMATED + new renders/dialogue/animations
  • Remade Jean's Bikini Armor renders + rewrote Give outfit/Talk to scenes
  • 2 New Noelle Greetings + 2 Non verbals added
  • 2 New Jean Greetings + 17 Non verbals added
  • 6 Intro Jean Voice Lines added
  • Intro VOICED, optimised + Klee Polaroid + Updated warning screen added
  • Replaced Mona's Cottage Background
  • Replaced Jean standing portraits in Rosaria Co-Op Prank intro
  • Replaced BG for Lisa x Fischl caught event
  • Improved animations for Rosaria co op
  • Tons of dialogue/sound/render/image/bg/animation optimisations throught the game
  • Added new Notification Box/System
  • Added 'Undress All Girls' to Cheat Menu
  • Changed Potion use color to Mint


  • Fixed Katheryne refusing to co-op/Kat not in Hot Springs bug
  • Added option to give Rosaria Latex Nun Outfit more than once
  • Fixed total amount of Primogems
  • Lots of dialogue, transition, sprite placement optimizations

Preview Images:


Klee Prank Adventure v1.15 ANDROID 245 MB
Aug 26, 2023
KleePrankAdventure-1.15 PC 2 GB
Aug 26, 2023
Klee Prank Adventure 1.15 MAC 2 GB
Aug 26, 2023

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Hi, does the game have animated scene?

Yes, lots!


Where do you find those slime secretions so you can make that turn Jean into slime potion?

You have to go to the hot springs and go to the maintenance room thingy (should be highlighted in yellow) you need a bunch of junk to progress though it, and at one point you beat up slime, doing so gives you slime secretions

you have to use junk there? But how? I have completed all the pranks (even co-op) but every time I go to that room minigame starts which is completely down to luck and I was even able to beat that slime 3 times in a row but on the fourth I missed the minigame and klee fled and I was unable to do 3 consecutive victories again

You need junk for other stuff in the room, not slime, although i didn't have a problem with the slime minigame the first time so i didn't know that klee fled, i suppose you just uh, try again until you clear all the slime??

ok will try, thanks

Problem fixed. I play PC version on my tablet through joiplay and there is probably some bug that makes the indicator that you are supposed to stop in the green place to go like ten times faster so I installed the android app and did the minigame there (there the indicator was much slower and the minigame was actually doable) and then transfered that save back to the PC version so I can continue playing there, because the quality of images is a lot better in the PC version.

Where can I find TIG3 ?

Hey where do i find TTG12?

Hello, in v1.15 you get it from The Man after buying everything else he has for sale!

I see. well i didnt get it. i did load from version 1.14 maybe a bug? 

Should still work, have you bought all of the super lewd outfits? All the festival loot? Are you playing v1.15?

I did buy all super lewd outfits tho i will look at the festival again when i can maybe i missed some. :D



What do I do after turning Jean into a slime? I'm stuck on that part

What do you mean? That's just an extra outfit/event for Jean. If you leave and return she won't be a slime any more.

Oh, I see. Thanks. In this version It won't be possible to complete 100% of the pranks, right? Or is it possible?


May I ask when the public version will be released, plus Chinese



Thank you very much for your work, you have a very cool game!