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I already pay but i didnt get the early access for 1.10,do i need to sub to your patreon?

You can sub to Patreon and get the link there, but you can also go to my main itch page or go here, click 'Download now', and then pick the v1.10 version you want early access to (pc/mac/android). It'll set a price of $10, which you pay and then you have access to the DL.


the game asks for access to my files everytime i try to play and if i hit deny it closes the game


It's so your save file can be saved separately, and will remain if you install a new update. If you're worried about the security aspect of it, try playing the pc version, or put your phone in flight mode. I assure you its safe though. :)


When is the new update?


Soon ;)

help please

Because of this, I can't make a dissolving potion

What do I have to do with Hu Tao to get her to give me an ingredient?

click on the ghost in her room. 


If I buy the game at 10 dollars the following ones?


Unfortunately no. If you're looking for value for money, it would be cheaper to sub to my patreon when each update drops, or just wait until its free 3 weeks~ after that.  Each dollar I get goes a long way though, and I appreciate it a lot. 

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Anal sex?


This is, for me, the best H fan game, great job!!!

Glad you like it man!


Whats the diffirence of pc and android ver, why is pc ver over 1gb and mobile only 129mb? I would like to have a 1gb ver for android if it have smoother animations and better quality


compression, makes it easier to run on mobile, and not very many phones have 1gb they can use on a single game

does it decrease the quality?

it would yes


What should we expect in the next update of the game? Any new characters, or maybe even male characters ? :OOO also keep up the great work I really appreciate you making this kinda stuff <3 can't wait to see jean break

Next update v1.10 will be focused on Hu Tao, including her co op prank, an outfit, a potion use and a commission, plus a bunch of other unrelated stuff too. I'll post a devlog with all the changes closer to release :) 

Glad you enjoy the game so far. 

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How do I obtain Rosarias Latex outfit.

You should obtain it for free off the modeling guy at the peephole after completing the advertising quest. I did hear about one person who it was bugged for though.

I've finished that quest, nada. no latex.

How odd, sounds like it's a bug we need to fix. You might need to play through again, or wait for next update, sorry. 

I'm fine replaying the entire game since I find it fun to play. no need to be sorry.


How to message on Jean's phone? I clicked everything on my keyboard and nothing seems to work, It's my last scene to do, and i have no idea how I can get it.


Also the game is incredible, keep working on this masterpiece. 

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Thanks man. 

You can 'send a message' by first giving Jean her Lingerie set, which you can buy after giving Lisa her transparent baby doll outfit and then viewing the Lingerie in the Library event. 

Then go to Jean's phone and 'send a message', leave and return to read the message, and then take pictures in Dions reccommendstion.

It keeps crashing 😔

That's a problem on your end I'm afraid, come to the Discord and maybe we can help!


Literalmente el mejor juego que eh jugado en toda mi vida,espero mucho mas te el y de este gran proyecto

hey, do you have any plans to make v1.9 available on linux?

Windows version also works on Linux. 

sadly it doesnt for chromebook, at least if it does, idk how to, my chromebook refuses to open any file if it isnt in a linux format

Disculpe pero a qué hora sale la actualización de mañana

No se a que hora Sin embargo, siempre envío una alerta en Discord.


More barbara pleaasseee!!! I frickin love your game. Stay healthy!!

Thank you, I'll see what I can do <3


Yayyy!! Thank you for your hard work *bows* :D

please give version 1.9 free.  I'm from Russia and here you can't donate to non-Russian sites ((((

v1.9 will be free in 2 days time!

Real ?

100% :)

thanks, I'll be waiting

So tommorow or wednesday ?

Now :)



why, android 11 phone can't play? I entered the game for a few seconds it always exited the game🥲🥲

How do i transport save file from 1.8 to 1.9?

delete the old version, and install the new version! Your saves are in a separate location.  

do you play as klee or a random male mc? 

When will version 1.9 be released?

It's currently in Patreon only/Early access, will be released publicly in around 3 weeks!

For some reasons when i try to open new version it always says app not installed? I'm on android and using es file explorer btw

Make sure you delete the old version first!

When will be the next update im so excited😁


I'm aiming for v1.9 release to Patreons and early access here on, around the 20th to 22nd of June.

Thank you


When will version 1.8 be released?


Probably between 14 - 16 of May!


I love this game for real

you play as klee is she aged up or just CHILD


Child but she never does the deed. Others do.


i play this game not horny but i laugh..WTF


 you play as Klee, but you never do the deed just watch others

So do we play as Aether or just some random guy?


You play as Klee!


way worse

dude plz android vers

Can you make it downloadable on the app? So not only on the website.

А когда на андроид выидет?


i'm glad that you'll never put loli content in, thank you

How to download?

The button above that says "Download Now", right under the bold "Download"

how to run the game after download it just says kleeprankadventure.rar

You need software to unpackage .rar files. I recommend 7zip.

Thank you


This was pretty good. Hoping to see more content for this.


So good ! i hope to see more :D

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