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Since this is probably the last update i just wanted to say i enjoyed my time playing it. Really amazing work.

How i get TTG 11 and how many they are for unlock the cutscene?

I still can't get it TTG 12,can someone help me with detail?


Make sure you have 11, and make sure you've read them all too. 

Already did,Is there a next step or am I just being stupid?

Make sure you've bought everything from him that you can. 

the scenes animated right?

Lots are.

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do they have sound? I would download but my PC is in a pickle right now

They do.

How do i solve Hertha's problem? Its the only scene im missing from other girls.

now that you guys have maybe finished the klee prank adventure game why don't you make a hentai game where we control scaramouche who is trying to take revenge on the raiden and dominate inazum

Can we play the new version for free?


Of course :) v1.16 will go public around 3 weeks after it's initial release date. 

Also v1.16 is the last major update, the next update which will be KPA [FINAL] will have any final bugfixes etc.

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Are we unable to use aphrodisiac in the pump room as of 1.15?

Only in v1.16!

I have one more question, will this game have male characters become main characters? Or will the focus stay on females?

Just the girls.

Thank you for answering ^^


played through the game, had a good time. How do I delete this file from windows? it's giving me some trouble. Thanks and looking forward to the next version

Delete the game folder, delete your save in appdata!


alright 1 question we all want to ask. are we going to get a honkai star rail version of the game


Someone asked that too, the creator said they don't plan on making one tho 

How to open one Jean pic and scene? It said 'take picture on site 1 after Barbara Diary Prank', I repeat it like 4 times but still not trigger it.

 If i remember, it appears randomly

How to unlock these 2 photos? I tried but still couldn't do it.By the way, can I ask how long until the 1.16 update comes out? I'm looking forward to it.

can someone help me download and run it on ios

hi men, i think i have a problem, into the mona cauldron i can't have the 8th scene with Jean. And after, i can't have Jean naked to make the slime scene, how i can do ?   

I have same problem

i need next update。i want play 1.16。so what's the next update released?


This month.

After finishing this game, do you have any new game ideas?

I do, and I'll reveal them at some point in the future! 

I can't wait to play it 👍👍

hi, I love the game and I was wondering if you ever planned to make a version of this game for honkai star rail?

Glad you like the game! I dont plan to work on any HSR stuff, sorry.

I hope this game can be updated forever. It's really excellent!

where is the co-footjob scene of mona and fishel,i can't find it

It's a polaroid in Dion's recommendation!


Do I need a specific Android version for the next update (my phone is from 2016 and I hope I can still play the game)


Another question: can i change the language to German?


If someone translates the game into german then you can play it in german, otherwise no, i dont have any plans to do that I'm afraid. 

Android wise it should be fine, but can't make any guarantees. 


A realy good game, i think the best from genshin impact.

I hope you are do in the next uodate more with keqing and kokomi and i have a question:"when will the next update come"?


Thanks, next update this month for sure!

i can't wait :)


So.... the images are hot but, a lot of the situations are kind of a turn off or just feel wrong. I feel like Klee is a bad choice of MC maybe think about making the MC not feel like an 8 year-old.


in a next update will you add h scenes with klee qiqi nahilda and other loli girls?


Definitely not. Sorry.


I understand many creators don't like to opt for lolis, but your game is still incredible and the dubbing is divine, a great job for you

Note: if one day you decide to opt for lolis, I'll always be here haha lol


Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you like it!

How can you get the materials for the slime potion?

Deleted post

This is the best game i ever played in this website,im looking forward to your newest update and i hope u do honkai star rail next :)


I hope it isn’t too late to make a small suggestion regarding the title system: could you add a small message when a characters title updates?

At the moment the titles feel invisible at times and I frequently forgot to check after events if they had changed. A small line of text calling attention to any updates could help.

Something like “The people of Mondstadt now know <Character> as the <Title>“ or “Certain circles in Mondstadt now know <Character> as a <Title>”


What a good idea, I'll see what I can do!

Deleted 166 days ago

No scenes are missable, you can go back and get every scene.

Deleted 166 days ago

You are absolutly right, I am stupid. I just finished everything from the cauldron. I am sorry 11/10 game. (even tho I managed to bug myself having a slash attack from the amber coop game in most screens now.)

When next update approximately coming?


Hopefully this month, maybe next month. Working hard.





Klee and nahida?


are there any cheats?

How to find TIG2 or kuki and yelan?

After I played the game again, I bought all the props before completing the NPC commission, then completed the mission, and then went to The Man to successfully trigger the event. Is this process correct?


i cant wait for next update


I really like the game, I hope that in the next update you can also interact with Klee, Qiqi, Nahida etc., that an option could be activated to have that scene of them and thus have the game more complete




im gonna give the benefit of the doubt and say youd rather play as klee, QiQi, and or nahida. rather then what most others would think

if what you mean is that youd like scenes with QiQi, nahida, or Klee being the person getting screwed. i hope you are never able to fap again and that everyone looks down on you forever


Hot take but the tracks in this game have no reason to go this hard THEY'RE SO GOOD. Listening to one rn :)

Hey, I js wanted to have some orentation -v-; how do I pull the final prank on Jean?

It's not possible yet, next update it will be :)

oh! Ok then, thanks for telling me ^v^

how do i get jean completely naked for the slime prank ?


this is a fun game I come back lots and lots of time for this but I read in the comments they're gonna stop Add  stuff after The next update and the next update be the last Possibly DLC I will be sad to see this go cause there's still more potential or at least adds some more stuff before In the last update but I have a blast I hope they can bring more of the Female characters in this game From the game the new ones but I hope they make more games like this down the line and keep it straightforward like this one what the costumes and undressing and stuff and the Yuri  It be the best

I got this problem when opening the mobile port in my android phone, it keeps crashing everytime I open it. Probably just my hardware issue, but I can run the previous version tho...

Never seen that before, try uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling.

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